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Member Profile - Linda Pike


Who is Linda Pike?

Linda Pike shares her home in the Goulds, NL with her husband Danny and their three kids, Justin - 12, Jacqueline - 8 and Danielle - 6. It's a good thing it's a big house because in addition to her human children she has her furrier kids; April, a 6 year old, All-Canadian which she acquired from a neighbor, Dualli, a 1 year old mastiff from Oregon, Samantha, a 5 year old cat from the SPCA and Timothy the hamster. The children that won't fit into the house include Brass, a 12 year old quarter horse, Rosie a 28 year old quarter horse cross and Happy, the duck.

Linda's great love of animals is obvious and she enjoys the competitive side of both equine and canine disciplines. She has been competing in the equine field since 1983 with her first horse "Doll". Further provincial competitions with "Sonny" a registered Paint horse, met with great success. Linda and Sonny were one of four senior competitors to represent Newfoundland at the Atlantic Equestrian Games in New Brunswick. Linda currently competes with "Brass" whom she raised and trained from a foal. Linda and Brass have won numerous Provincial Championships and have participated in several clinics on the mainland to keep up with the latest training methods. The canine competitions have just begun with her new mastiff puppy. Linda has just started showing Dualli in both conformation and obedience. And both have really taking a liking to the Schutzhund sport. Dualli is a lovely working dog with a natural ability to track and protect.

In her spare time Linda owns and operates Companion Dog Trainers Limited. Here she teaches puppy socialization, basic and advanced obedience using the "Volhard" motivational method, behavior modification, agility and provides a doggy day care service. Instructors attend yearly training and instructor camps in the US to update their training to ensure they are providing the best possible instruction to their students. In this, as in all things she commits to, Linda strives to be the very best.

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